Starting Therapy

Contact details

Telephone/Text: 07931 319 454

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Starting therapy

If you contact me by text or email, I will request that we speak on the phone.  I think we need to hear each other’s voices before arranging a session.  It initiates the process of getting to know you, and for you to begin to get to know me.  It also offers an opportunity for you to ask me any questions about what to expect. 

If we both decide to go ahead, we will then arrange an initial session.  Having said this it may take a few sessions to know how to begin to deal with the problem.  In this session or sessions we will also discuss the contract, the frequency and likely duration of sessions and the fees. 

Therapy can take place in Forest Row East Sussex, London NW1, London W6 or online (usually Zoom).

Therapy frequency

The frequency of therapy can range from a few sessions of time-limited work to several years of therapy more than once a week.  I have practiced in both ways.  So the therapy frequency will be discussed and negotiated soon after beginning to meet.

Contract and assessment

The first few sessions of therapy will be devoted to getting to know you, forming a view about the problems that you have brought and mutually agreeing to a contract.  This includes discussing fees, duration, breaks, cancellation policy and frequency of contract.


We will discuss my fees in the first session.  I have some low-cost places. I am currently building a Trust.  When the trust is active we will also have the resources to help clients to access other therapies, primarily art therapy, movement therapy and massage.


As a United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy registered member and a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy senior accredited member I follow the ethical codes of the UKCP and BACP and am thus subject to their professional conduct procedures