A significant feature of anthroposophic psychotherapy is that, owing to the development of increasingly complex psychosomatic and psychological problems, the healing process is accelerated considerably by interdisciplinary collaboration.  I thus routinely work with a medically qualified anthroposophic doctor and sometimes art therapists, masseurs and movement therapists.  When more minds than one focus on a problem we can create an effective circle of warmth, containment, holding and healing.  However, there will be no pressure to do this.  The decision will be yours.

Anthroposophic medicine uses a range of homeopathic medicines (and occasionally herbal medicines) based on anthroposophical holistic principles.  It is a complementary and alternative (CAM) approach to healing.  All anthroposophic doctors initially train in conventional biomedicine before training in anthroposophic medicine, are thus registered as doctors and can prescribe conventional allopathic medicines as a last resort.

Principal anthroposophic medicine manufacturers

Typical medicine

Aurum/stibium/hyoscymus is a typical medicine which enables us to live fully in the present

Like the sun aurum (gold) holds the centre and improves the balance between our inner life and outer social life.

Stibium (antimony) with its clear lines and forms prevents the high level of activity within inner metabolic processes from clouding our consciousness; it enables us to establish clear boundaries.

 Hyoscyamus helps us to harmonise our lives in the present.