Starting therapy

Bluebell PathYou can make contact with me directly or through a referrer, such as a GP.

The best contact details to use are:    07931 319 454

If you contact me by text or email I will request that we speak on the phone. I think we need to hear each other’s voices before arranging a session. It gives me the possibility of beginning to get to know you, and for you to begin to get to know me. It will also offer an opportunity for you to ask me any questions about what to expect.

If we both decide to go ahead I will send you a Google maps link to the venue if necessary. We will then arrange an initial assessment session. Having said this it might take a few sessions to know how to begin to deal with the problem. In this session or sessions we will also discuss the contract, the frequency and likely duration of sessions and the fees (see About Therapy page).

I have worked with interdisciplinary complementary and alternative medicine teams and I am well-connected with art therapists, movement (eurythmy) therapists,  masseurs and medically-qualified anthroposophic doctors. So I may suggest that, in addition to the psychotherapy, it may beuseful to attend one of these other therapies.

Morning FrostInterdisciplinary work can be very effective. I find that more heads are better than one and that we are able to create a circle of warmth, containment and holding.   However, there will be no pressure about this. The decision will be yours.

I make frequent visits to Leeds and even to Japan and so this will be taken into account in the contracting. If needed I should be able to see you once a week, apart from the times of absence owing to visits to Leeds and Japan.

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