Approach to Therapy

I work as a holistic body, soul and spirit anthroposophic psychotherapist.  I integrate anthroposophic psychotherapy with attachment theory, psychoanalytic intersubjective theory and humanistic principles. 

My method involves understanding why a client comes for therapy now, the root of the problem and resources for restoring health and balance.  

Therapy can be challenging since, to bring about effective and long-lasting change, we need to move beyond our current coping mechanisms which have usually reached their ‘sell by’ date and develop new perspectives on life, integrate parts of our lives which are difficult to acknowledge, link with our healthy potentials, and move into the future with resilience, strength and clarity.

It is difficult to manage the stresses and challenges of life today.  Of course it is possible to do this without therapy.  I have learned many things about myself from many wonderful people who are not therapists.   And there are our own ongoing efforts.  We all have a healthy side and a skilled therapist enables us to mobilize our healing potentials.

Problems covered

My training and experience enable me to deal with a wide range of difficulties and issues ranging from:

  • existential, life & spiritual crises, loss & bereavement, everyday stress and relationship problems and mood swings to ….
  • depression, anxiety and developmental problems to ….
  • disconnection, derealization and dissociation to ….
  • more complex psychiatric and psychosomatic difficulties, including identity problems

My work also sensitive to problems brought about by difference, power structures and inequality.  Drawing on a range of approaches allows the therapy to be created anew with each client.  Each client and therapeutic process is unique.